Shaping the Armhole and Neckline with Jersey Decreases

If you have no experience shaping a knitted garment, please view An Introduction to Shaping first.

The video below shows the steps for decreasing and binding off a plain jersey front at the armhole and v-neckline. If knitting a front with miss stitches (as in the downloadable sample), be sure to continue with the second video.


Before compiling

  • If you are centering your knitting on the machine bed, be sure to add the Center on bed layer after adding the Waste + cast on.
  • In Settings check that Compiler Options are correct. I'm using carrier spacing at 4 and stopping distance at 7.5.
  • If you have loaded a text file created in DesignaKnit, be sure to delete (or make invisible) the Canvas layer before compiling.

The back

  • Using the shape text file for the back, follow the same steps as you did for the front of the sample sweater. Or if you are attaching a collar, you can knit a straight neckline and omit the neckline curve.

Alternative V-Neck

The tutorials above use the macros in the design app. My preferred v-neck has crossed stitches at the center and decreases with a margin of 3. This requires additional work in a Free Edit layer.

The alt v-neck on the left has crossed stitches at the center and decreases 3 stitches in, painted in a Free Edit layer. The v-neck on the right is not edited and uses "Is Simple" decreases in the Neckline Shaping layer.


Downloadable design app files for the sample front, back, sleeve, and collar are found on this page.

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