Designing with Kniterate is presented as a series of individual classes, each focusing on stitch design fundamentals and core knitting concepts as they relate to the Kniterate knitting machine. Each session will encourage a couple hours of independent study and exploration.

Session 2

With video, technical notes, and reference files, Session 2 focuses on both single jacquard with floats (also known as Fair Isle) and double jacquard. Binding off is also introduced.

We will use two different approaches to the jacquards. If you are a DesignaKnit 9 user, steps for exporting jacquards from DAK 9 to the Kniterate design app are presented. If you rather work without DAK 9, we'll prepare artwork with an external application, and then set up the file for birdseye jacquard in the Kniterate design app. You will be introduced to the various backings for double jacquard using these two approaches.

For those who knit scarves and blankets, the Kniterate bind-off command is an essential asset. The most important bind-off options for your knitting project are presented. And we will troubleshoot the most common errors.

The recently updated Session 2 reflects the latest updates at Lessons for the earlier design app located at are available on request. The class assumes familiarity with the basic design app functions. (If you need a review, please visit Session 1 of this series.)

Wool jacquard sweater knit fabrics

Various types of basic double jacquard

Hello, I'm Olgalyn Jolly. And yes, I knitted my sweater on my Kniterate!

With decades of experience in machine knitting, ranging from design work to sweater production to teaching at the college level, I'm still learning new things. My specialty is taking the complexities of machine knitting and breaking them down into readily understandable, core concepts.

I've taught knitwear design and machine knitting at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Parsons School of Design in New York City. I enjoy providing online demonstrations of the Kniterate and answering the questions of potential purchasers.

For three years I've applied my prior machine knitting knowledge to the act of developing stitch patterns on the Kniterate. I can honestly say Kniterate is my favorite machine!

I look forward to teaching you what I've learned about designing and knitting with this machine.

Your Questions Answered

I need help setting up and threading my Kniterate. Will you cover that in the class?

No. Though I'll help with machine settings that may have an effect on your knitting, we'll be working primarily in the Kniterate design app. Information on setting up and threading the machine can be found on the Up and Running playlist on Kniterate's YouTube channel.

Which version of the design app does this course cover?

This course covers the design app located at Just as the older version of the design app will remain available, the older version of Designing with Kniterate Session 2 will remain available for the time being. Latest updates for all sessions will be posted here. What's important to remember is that though many new features are added to the design app, the principles of knit design remain the same. Designing with Kniterate will provide a solid foundation.

You're not covering the information I need. Will there be other lessons?

Yes, there will be other lessons.

How long will I have access to the lessons?

Once a session is posted, you'll be able to review it at your own pace at any time. This is not a membership site, so there's no monthly fee. I plan to update the sessions as the design app is updated. There are no plans at this time to remove the course.

Will you be providing kcode of various stitches?

No, that would defeat the purpose of the class! I'll be guiding you through the process of making your own stitch patterns in the design app using design principles, tool guidance, proven strategies, along with screenshots and native file (.buck) examples.

Do you work for Kniterate?

I am not an employee of the company. I was an early bird backer on Kickstarter and was later contracted by the company to provide virtual tours of the machine and the design app to potential purchasers.

Over the last few years several Kniterate owners and users have approached me requesting lessons. I've provided hours of private Kniterate instruction to individuals and groups.

I created Designing with Kniterate independently to help Kniterate owners who may need help getting started with their designs. The Kniterate is an awesome digital knitting machine and I'm still learning and exploring the many possibilities. I believe it's not necessary to take advantage of all the machine's capabilities, but it's wonderful if you have the foundation and a strong set of skills to do so.

Not ready to register? Waiting for an upcoming session?

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